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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Body Modification and Tattoo

Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying

Today in society, this deeply personal form of self-expression has reached its own level of individuality, as unique as the tattoo artist and tattooed. Tattoos are one of the oldest forms of body modification.

Today, the collective view of contemporary tattooing is undergoing a change by American culture due to the efforts of committed individuals; this impression of tattooing is changing. It is beginning to be viewed as an art form centered in a minor art world with a clear relationship to the artistic endeavors of the larger social world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Assignment #8 - nmed2005

I feel like the colours of this edited image are a more accurate representation of Laszlo's style. Just changing the background and a few other colours and removing a few elements makes it a lot less bright and not as busy.Though this looks a lot more modern and computerized than Laszlo's paintings, if he were to create an image with modern technology, i think it would look something like this:

A few of Laszlo's paintings that i used as reference/inspiration:

Monday, March 26, 2007

Assignment #4 - nmed1000

The website finally ended up working out, although it doesn't work great in internet explorer. the 25+ rollover doesn't work on any of the pages for some strange reason. works fine in firefox though. and after the guides were set in photoshop and i cut out the pieces to put in dreamweaver, they kept overlapping a pixel or two which threw off the whole row. wow, that was annoying to fiigure out. i finally had to just zoom way in and do it manually without the snapping. but it got the job done. and it turned out good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Assignment #7 - nmed2005

So my mom just decided to get a website done for her photography. So i thought having a nifty little logo like this would be sweet. so i made this for her. i thought it turned out pretty good.

So my computer was being a loser and i had to reinstall windows and a bunch of crap then Illustrator would crash when i tried to save anything, so oops i lost my work a few times. but after the frustration i finally redid this logo. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish the next assignment which is due in a few hours so hopefully my computer will let me do that for Wednesday. argh computers are annoying. but anyways, here's the new logo. 3/26/07 | 3:30am